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March 10, 2018


WINE & PAINT SATURDAY NIGHTS...       aka Don't Rinse Your Brush in Your Wine Glass Spend an evening in my studio and leave with your very own masterpiece (and perhaps new friends). For all levels of painters, each session will have a different lesson.  This differs from the wine/paint nights where everyone copies the same painting, instead, you will end up with your own original work.  


Donation: $20 includes appetizers & art supplies.  Just bring your awesome self & some wine!

Where: My Studio   Time: 6 - 10 pm  

Class size is limited so 

April 15, 2018


EXPRESSIVE TEXTING! Have fun experimenting with various tools and mark-making to get creative with calligraphy.  Bring: some text that has meaning to you- it could be quotations, poems, lines from songs, or something your wrote. 


Donation: $15 includes materials.

Where: My Studio    Time: Noon - 3pm

Class size is limited so 

May 16, 2018


YOU TOO CAN DRAW.  Think you can't draw?  Yes, you can... and in just a few hours!  You'll learn and practice 'Right Brain' drawing techniques that are essential to improving your ability to draw what you see.  Yes, you can!


Donation: $15 includes materials.

Where: My Studio   Time: noon - 3pm

Class size is limited so 

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Sorry, it's FULL.  Check back for additional Wine/Paint nights!

Make a Difference Workshops   

A recent trip to Vietnam reminded me how challenging life is for so many fellow humans and I felt compelled to do something to help.  Why not combine what I love to do (teach and create art) with helping others?  Here's my idea: you come to my studio, have fun making art, and we'll donate 100% of the proceeds to an amazing nonprofit in Vietnam called Helping Orphans Worldwide.  It's headed by a selfless friend named Hillary, who has dedicated  her life to helping those in need.  Check out her amazing nonprofit & remarkable work:

Workshops are for all skill levels.

My studio holds a small group, perhaps up to 8.

More workshops to come...

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